Monday, December 28, 2009

Mid Hudson Bridge at sunset in 15 below

I took this photo in the freezing cold- I think it was 15 below that day. I was a desperate woman, chasing the sun down the railroad tracks, slipping on the ice, and hoping that I wouldn't fall and break my camera. My fingers barely worked, it was so cold. It was worth it. It's amazing to me how intense I can be when I want to get a good shot. I have walked in muck, trespassed, been stopped by cops (twice), and nearly frozen just for that one photo I know I will get if I persist. I suppose faith is like that too...we have to see that something is possible, even probable, in order to have the fortitude to push forward past the obstacles to get what we are after. That's just a generic faith principle...that could apply to anything, from an art endeavor, to raising children, to believing that God really is at work in this world, and it's worth it to invest our time and energy into people who matter to Him.
Here's hoping that I will post more than once a year!

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